Are you ready to be a better person for you and your dog?

Are you ready to achieve your goal with your canine sidekick for support?

As dog lovers, we want the best for our dogs, which ultimately means the best for us.
I help people become happy owners, with happy dogs and create a happy partnership.

Hey! I’m Jenny and I’m a Dog Owner Coach.

I’m really pleased you’ve landed on my site and am guessing it’s because…

you want to know about how dogs think, learn, communicate and interact with their people.

you want to understand your influence on your canine companion.

you want to learn how you can improve yourself to improve your dog.

you’d like to develop an unbreakable bond with your dog and work together to achieve your ultimate goal.

I’ve been exactly where you are…

Your dogs are your world, but at times you need something else to change to improve your lives, BIG BUT…

you lack the know-how to make the shift.

you’re restricted by obstacles.

you feel alone in your troubles.

you don’t even know where to start.

I accepted my reality, the need to start a new chapter and made it happen. You can too.

A dog will sense how you feel and act 
in a way that they see as appropriate – 
by changing you, you can change your dog

Become calm, confident and the best version of you

With the right attitude, small steps can equal big results

Work with me, I genuinely get it!

It can be a long lonely road when your sanity is challenged and you dream of a happier existence.

I can teach you how to help yourself achieve your goals and to apply the theory to any scenario that arises.

You will learn what has worked for me and how to adapt different methods to make them work for you.

You will be supported and motivated by a qualified and experienced Coach.

You will become part of a like-minded dog loving community and you won’t be alone.

How I can help you

  • Understand and manage the influence you have on your dog.
  • Learn to make conscious decisions and not impulsive reactions.
  • Form a dynamic team with your dog to achieve your dreams.
  • Successfully overcome obstacles and reach positive results.
  • Achieve your goals with the use of self-coaching strategies.
  • Get to know your dog as an inidividual, their triggers and boundaries to improve your bond.
  • Master the art of self help methods to get your through difficult situations.
  • Develop a self-preservation mindset and build inner strength.

The Coaching and Support Services are thrilled to be working as a Corporate Partner supporting Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare under our Pearl’s Legacy initiative.

10% of all Dog Owner Academy fees will be going to Raystede’s kennels to help the dogs get the happy ever after and forever homes that they really need and deserve.

My dog is my rock and vice versa

I support him and he is always there for me

We get through life together as a team

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