About Me


As a Dog Owner Coach I coach dog owners to achieve their goals with the support of their canine companions by their side.

Whether it’s dog problems or non-dog related matters, I use my skills, knowledge and personal experiences to help my clients build the ultimate relationship with their dog, be able to cope with and manage problems, plus overcome obstacles that are preventing them from improving life for their pooch pal and themselves.
My motivation is to support and train people to master self-preservation, seek solutions and achieve the best for themselves and their dogs, which will have beneficial influences on both parties.

Who am I to preach? 

I firmly believe that having a great relationship with your dog, staying positive and developing self-coping strategies can help you overcome many of life’s difficulties.
Combining my passions, skills, knowledge, qualifications and own encounters, I can provide you with much needed coaching and support to get you through the hard times and reach where you want to be.
With 30 years experience of having been through a number of dog related trials and tribulations, plus a lifetime of tussling adversities in other areas, I often personally relate to the challenges of my clients, which gives me a better understanding of how to assist others.
I don’t admit to knowing all the answers, but I have found ways to master the art of self-preservation, overcome obstacles, stay motivated and achieve goals. If you are determined and committed, I will do my very best to help you.
Day to day existence is a rollercoaster of learning and mixed emotions, but I’ve invested in developing my knowledge and gained valuable experience to support myself and my dogs. With commitment, perseverance and consistency the rewards make it all worthwhile.

You are strong and capable

Reaching out for assistance is not a sign of weakness or failure, it shows that you have the strength to fight through your struggles and reach a much wanted target. You are fighting for yourself and your four legged friend who depends on you.

I want to support you

Along with life’s experiences I have gained a number of relevant qualifications, including Life Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Bereavement, Dog Behaviour and Training, and Canine Communication, which have enabled me to help myself and put me in a better position to be able to help you too.
In my quest to promote responsible dog ownership and whilst developing my business there has been a natural progression to meet the priority needs of my clients, which now combines educating the owner to manage themselves as well as dealing with dog associated issues. Taking the owner into the equation, I discuss their well-being and desired goals that can have a bearing on their feelings and emotions, and ultimately a knock-on effect to those around them, including their dog. 
Concentrating on both ends of the lead with Dog Owner Coaching and Support, I teach how the owner influence can impact the dog, along with the environment and an endless list of other factors that come into play. It’s all about taking full responsibility, thinking logically, being accountable, consistently implementing positivity, and understanding both yourself and your dog.

Why you should work with me

A lot of professionals, whether Coaches or Counsellors, will have quite rightly learned their skills and gained knowledge from studying and qualifications. 

However, I have developed my skills from many personal experiences over the years and then reinforced my knowledge with the appropriate qualifications, so the experience along with the qualification together enables me to help you more effectively.

If you have the genuine want to invest in you and your dog and are prepared to put in the effort needed, please join us today.


Dog Owner Coach
Life Coach, MASC
NLP Practitioner