Dog Log Book

My FREE gift to you – The Dog Log Book

A record book for life that every dog owner should have

Promoting responsible dog ownership…

Be a responsible pooch parent and keep all your valuable canine info in one safe place.

Ensure your dog’s physical and emotional needs are met at all times.

A PDF digital download. A complete dog record for detailing required care, emergency information, history, additional notes and much more…

At The Coaching and Support Services we care about dogs and their people and try to help make life easier for both.

If your dog is away from home or parted from it’s family, do your best to make them as comfortable as you can by recording important details.

The Dog Log Book has been designed for use by any dog owner who wants to keep a complete record of all their dog’s information. Once you’ve bought it, you have it for life. Simply reprint individual pages or tweak the whole thing as and when necessary – got one dog, got six dogs, print as many copies or pages as you need! Give your groomers, sitters and walkers only what they need.

This can be particularly useful when you adopt a rescue dog, have a pooch with problems or a sensitive soul that struggles with change. It can also prove beneficial when sudden events occur and someone else needs to take over care.

An ideal reference for anyone that may periodically look after your dog ie dog sitter, boarding kennels, dog walker, day care. A valuable resource even in the case of an emergency or an unexpected trip away. I could have done with this for two of my mother’s dogs when she was taken into hospital unexpectedly!

Includes: Owner information, dog information, a range of contacts, vet details, medical conditions past and present, medication, allergies, routine records, behaviour notes, likes and dislikes, treatment records, expenses, history information, important need to know details, sections for milestones and making memories, space for additional notes and more.

The document includes plenty of pages and space for valuable information. To avoid unnecessary wastage, we have formatted it to allow you to reprint any pages needing to be duplicated, rather than run off excess paper.

If you require any assistance with completing or have any queries, please get in touch.

For personal use ONLY, no resale.