Sanity Savers

Do you feel like your sanity is being challenged?

You feel like you’re losing the plot.

You need to talk, but no-one’s there.

You need to let off steam about struggles getting you down.

This is a pressure free, judgement free, script free and open to anyone zone!

Sanity Savers is an open group for dog lovers to come together and share their problems. 
Whether your mischievous mutt is driving you crazy or you’re fed up with a stressful job, whatever it is you are going through, you are always welcome. Just book your place and join our light hearted chat to help you unwind and off load.
We all have one thing in common, no matter how catastrophic our canine companions can be, they’re always there for us and there’s a reason why we love them.

Why a group?

Opening up within a group can often feel less intimidating that a 1 to 1 meeting, you find that others are sharing similar issues and by understanding how you are not alone in your struggles you will feel more comforted.
If you are not completely comfortable talking just listen to others, take it one step at a time and take part at your own speed.
No matter how big or how small some may consider them to be, everyone’s troubles are relevant to them as an individual and can be detrimental in a number of different ways.
I prefer to restrict the numbers to no more than 6 at a time to allow for conversation to flow.
I use Zoom sessions to allow you to join in from wherever is convenient and comfortable for you.
If you are arranging on behalf of someone else, please email with your details and those of the person you would like us to contact.


  • Please get in touch to find out when the next session is