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Yes, the Dog Owner Coaching and Support Hub is finally here!

I am so not a gushy and over-excitable type of person, but I am genuinely really excited to be getting the Hub off the ground and in full swing!

This is really important to me, it’s part of a long term plan and major project, both professionally and personally.

There are lots of services available to teach you how to help yourself or help your dog, but I’m bringing the two together. In the Hub you will learn how to help yourself and help your dog all for one subscription fee, you will work on personal goals as well as dog related targets.

It’s all about you, your dog, you and your dog!


In the Dog Owner Coaching and Support Hub you will receive numerous member only benefits…

Coaching and training material, tips, guidance, activities and resources

Access to the members only private Hub community

Access to monthly exclusive new content at no extra cost

Join me as I embark on my own journeys, sharing my thoughts and experiences

10% discount on all other Hub excluded purchases 

10% of all Hub subscription fees go to the dogs at Raystede Rescue Centre for Animal Welfare

Priority access to special offers and Hub excluded new services and products

plus a whole lot more to help you reach your goals as the Hub grows and time progresses.

Oh, and the ultimate perk, access to me! 

In bringing this to you I am hoping to help as many people as I can to overcome obstacles, reach goals, develop strong bonds with their canine companions, and achieve the best reality possible through educating and entertaining using a number of different methods on multiple aspects of life.

Use the above form to take you to the Hub, subscribe now and let’s get going!

Put your name down early and lock in the discounted Founding Members fee of £20.00 a month.


If you have questions or problems with subscribing, please do not hesitate to get in touch.